Both Poughkeepsie and Kingston are test markets for a new flavor of chicken tenders. Do you think they should go nationwide? You've got the power for a limited time.

How often can the Hudson Valley say that the fate of a fast food chain item is in their hands? The Poughkeepsie and Kingston KFC locations were one of the few restaurants selected to test out the new Smokey Mountain BBQ chicken tenders.

We all love the original recipe with 11 herbs and spices but once in a while we need something extra with a little kick. We got more than we bargained for when KFC stopped by the studio

Brandi and I were lucky enough to be a couple of guinea pigs. How were they? Find out what we thought.

How does a product go national? It's actually not that hard? In fact, it's quite simple. It seems obvious but if we buy enough of these wings we could share them with the entire country and they would have us to thank.