A Hudson Valley man was arrested Tuesday after Hudson City Police discovered he had active warrants for his arrest when he was pulled over for speeding. This would be the start of what I can only assume became a very bad day.

In addition, it was also discovered that the 2017 Audi Q5 being driven by the individual was reported as stolen. Last but not least, the individual in question was also found to be in possession of crack cocaine.

Police lights

The Charges

Arley Dahlberg, after being arrested, was arraigned and charged with grand larceny and misdemeanor drug possession. Dahlberg was then sent to Coxsackie Correctional Facility. Even after all of this, things still get worse for Dahlberg.

Arrested man in handcuffs with hands behind back

Familiar Territory

This round of events is not the first time that Dahlberg has been in trouble with the law. He was also previously imprisoned for other crimes. However, at the time of these events, Dahlberg was in and part of a "temporary release program". Previous reasons for imprisonment and the reason for being put into the early release program were not mentioned.


Not Done Yet?

In addition to the other charges Dahlberg now faces, the warrant that was out for his arrest was for "absconding from their temporary release program". Basically, he attempted to make this early release permanent. Dahlberg's legal issues may not be over either. Hudson Police are investigating the possibility of whether or not Dahlberg was involved in an attempted burglary that occurred in the area where he was apprehended. 

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