Inspiring youth to strive for a college education is not a bad thing. More education means more experience in your field of study as well as more experience in life in general. College is where I learned that I was not ready for life by myself and taught myself many hard lessons on personal responsibility. After 4 years, graduation was reached and a diploma achieved.

When taking a closer look at the photo you'll notice fine print on the bottom. National median earnings for year-round workers age 25 and older. These facts were found online and the source is claimed to be U.S. Bureau of the Census.


How many college graduates get year-round, full-time employment in their field of study? There is a lot more you need to do than just getting a degree to yield a substantial income. It is difficult for most people to decide at the age of 17 what they want to do with the rest of their life.

The word "median" doesn't mean average, it's means the middle. So you are taking the income that sits in the middle of all incomes of people ages 25-65. This chart shows a high school drop out making over $30,000 when the reality is there are millenials with college degrees making far less than that.

It's still good to go to college, but only if you have some sort of direction when you are there. Millenials are going to be fighting an up hill battle with the increase cost in college and daily living expenses. It's going to take a lot more than just raising minimum wage for the next generation to get ahead and buy homes.