One popular Hudson Valley plaza is going to be gaining something that residents will find very useful.

It's never fun when you get sick and it always seem to happen at the worst time, like when your doctor's office is already closed for the day or it happens on the weekend. Urgent Cares are one of the best things that's happened to medicine because you can still get medical treatment during the off hours and you don't always have to head to the emergency room.

There have been many times that I've felt.a bad sinus infection coming on, have ran to an urgent care and thankfully got treatment quickly and felt better in a matter of hours. They have saved many nights and weekends of agony for me and I'm super grateful even more of them seem to be popping up these days.

I was stopping at the store the other day and noticed another urgent care will be popping up in another Hudson Valley plaza.

Where will another urgent care be opening in the Hudson Valley?

It's going to be in a great spot, it will be opening up right in the ShopRite Plaza in Lagrangeville. The address for ShopRite there is 1643 NY-82 #1 in Lagrangeville, so this urgent care will be located a few spaces down towards the left.

That's a great spot for it because right up the hill from the plaza are a lot of family homes, condos, apartments and lake communities so there are a lot of people who will potentially enjoy having an urgent care so close to them and the convenience it will bring..


Nuvance Health Urgent Care still isn't open yet there and work is being done at the site, but we'll keep you posted on when it does open.

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