In the wake of last weeks Hudson Valley tornado, damages and power loss were reported in great numbers. It was a terrifying experience not common in our area. There were a lot of downed trees which led to the loss of power lines leaving many without electricity for days

Fishkill Farms reports that their structural damage was minimal but their orchard suffered significant losses equating up to 25% of their total crop. According to their facebook page localized winds of extreme force touched down on their property at around 4:30pm Tuesday. Tornado, macro-burst, or otherwise- they were stronger than they've ever experienced before, and caused severe damage to their orchard.

Thousands of apple trees were destroyed wiping away a decade of work. There is no commercial insurance policy covering fruit trees so the orchards are not covered. If you are interested in helping orchards in The Hudson Valley affected by the tornado, Fishkill Farms is asking residents to call or email our senator or representative to ask that some federal disaster assistance dollars go to farms and local businesses.

Fishkill Farms is optimistic about the remainder of their fruit crop for the year. They were even able to raise over 50 fallen cherry trees that appear to still be healthy.