We live in a time when almost anything is possible. In this case, we probably wish that wasn't true. Now, residents in the Hudson Valley and across the nation can order one of the latest beauty products that was inspired by, of all things, cheese. You might want to click the back button now. This might be one of the weirder product combinations since Flamin' Hot Mountain Dew or Grey Poupon Ice Mustard Cream.

Cheese Scented Nail Polish?

In the latest collaboration that has many scratching their heads, Velveeta has teamed up with a company called Nails Inc. to release nail polish that smells like cheese. But according to the company, they only smell like cheese when they're dry. CNN says that the limited edition polish will be available in both Finger Food and La Dolce Velveeta scents if that doesn't make your stomach turn enough. Both can be ordered on the Nails Inc website, according to CNN.

Kraft Mac and Cheese Flavored Gummies?

Yes. This is apparently a thing as well. Read HERE.

Something Tastier 

If you haven't lost your appetite yet, Wendy's might have something to interest your taste buds. The fast-food establishment had tested the new item last year in their Canadian locations, and it reportedly created some big buzz online. So, Wendy's tried it out in some American locations, and the continued feedback seemed to indicate that the buzz wasn't just a fluke.


Could this be as big of a deal as when Wendy's brought their spicy chicken nuggets back to their menu? 

CNN says that the new strawberry Frosty will arrive in the Hudson Valley, and locations nationwide Monday. It may not sound like a huge deal to some, but this is only the second time the chain has added a new frosty flavor in 16 years. It will be available for a limited time and will replace the vanilla Frosty, though the vanilla shake will return when the strawberry promotion runs out.

Maybe you'll have better luck getting a Frosty than a McFlurry?

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