A Hudson Valley restaurant owner was left heartbroken after a sentimental piece was stolen from her establishment. 

Over the weekend, the owner of Maura's Kitchen of Millbrook posted a photo of an empty frame to the restaurant's Facebook page.


The owner of the restaurant wrote below the photo the following:

To the woman who stole the saying I had in this frame in the stall at my restaurant.. I can’t even imagine this would give you the pleasure it gave to me.. this belonged to my mom and I’ve had it since she passed away.. I looked at it daily and always brought me some peace when I needed it. It wasn’t a store bought thing.. it meant so much to me as one of the few things I have left of her.. those of you that have seen it and read it know.. shame on whoever you are... you broke my hear

Why somebody would steal something out of a frame at a restaurant is beyond me, but it seems that the item should be making its way back to the owner.

The owner informed us that somebody reached out to her and knew where the item was, and it should be making its way back to her very soon.