Fresh Foods Manufacturing Company in Pennsylvania are recalling nearly nine thousand pounds of ready-to-eat salads that may be contaminated with E. coli, according to The Daily Voice.

The products are produced in Pennsylvania, but sold in stores all over, including here in the Hudson Valley. Four products are currently subject to recall: the Caesar Salad with Chicken, the Chicken and Bacon Salad, the two different Chef Salads with Ham, Turkey, and Hard-Boiled Egg.

It wasn't the company themselves who accidentally tainted the product with e. coli. The problem was originally discovered when their romaine lettuce supplier informed them that the romaine lettuce was being recalled due to E. coli. The problem should basically be taken care of by now, but it's always smart to be careful about what you eat. And, if you start showing symptoms of E. coli, contact a doctor.

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