Many small businesses are still functioning and are capable of selling their products while you're social distancing and could use your support.

We're all seeing the effects of the coronavirus here in the Hudson Valley. Whether it's dealing with the actual sickness itself, keeping the kids occupied, not being able to get certain items from stores or working from home, it has dramatically changed our routines.

Many restaurants, bars and bakeries are struggling but are finding ways to adapt. There are a lot of other businesses that rely on appointments and foot traffic to sell their goods.

With the many store closures announced along with the state and federal government insisting on citizens staying home, small businesses may take the brunt of this.

Here's a list that we're compiling of local businesses that are either still open to the public or can sell their goods online. If you know of any more, please send us information through this form or email me directly at


Dutchess County

Orange County

Ulster County