A Hudson Valley teen was the target of a racist Snapchat from a classmate and she wants her school to do more.

N'Senga Kinzonzi, a sophomore at Minisink Valley High School, said on Thursday a Minisink Valley High School student posted a photo of her on Snapchat. The photo had a caption which used the n-word adding, "We must lynch her," NBC reports.

"I want to be the last person in Minisink, in Orange County, in New York, to ever have to go through this," Kinzonzi said while fighting back tears while speaking about the incident to the public for the first time on Thursday.

Kinzonzi's family says the classmate apologized but the Minisink Valley School District should do more.

"This was a threat made on her life, and there was a call for others to participate in this. The caption said 'we' must lynch her," mother Nicole Kinzonzi said.

Last month, Minisink Valley superintendent Brian Monohan addressed the issues on the school district's website.

"The district has no tolerance for hateful language or any type of conduct that endangers the physical or emotional sense of safety and security of our students and staff. Those who choose to test these boundaries will endure the consequences outlined by the district’s code of conduct, and/or those under the law," Monohan wrote.

The family and their lawyer, civil rights attorney Michael Sussman, wants the school district to provide sensitivity programs and more.

The family and Monohan plan to meet on Monday.