It just two short days, Halloween will be here and gone.

Kids and adults alike are getting their costumes ready and candy purchased for Halloween coming up this Wednesday. Trick or Treaters will be lining the streets of the Hudson Valley looking to scare up free candy from their neighbors and friends.

When there's treats there are tricks. Eggs, toilet paper and shaving cream are just some of the materials used when older kids head out of the house on Halloween. Some towns are even putting an age restriction on trick or treaters. If you're 12 or older in some towns, you have to hang up your candy bag.

This year, like years past, Hudson Valley towns are establishing a curfew. The Village of Wappingers police department in Dutchess County released a statement advising those heading out on Halloween of a curfew.

Be advised that during the evening hours of October 31, 2018 thru November 1, 2018 between the hours of 900pm and 5am the following day, it shall be unlawful for any minor to congregate, loiter, wander remain or play in or upon any public place, public park, public area, street, road or highway in the Village.

It's safe to say that this will be the first of many curfew rules being issued for the Hudson Valley.