Is it really a man's world? It's hard to imagine but women didn't gain the right to vote until 1920. We've come along way in the last 97 years but we've got a little further to go.

You may not know this but the 26th of August was recently dubbed Women's Equality Day. How exactly do women celebrate this day? They get topless and march in the city of course. This is because they combined it with national Go Topless Day. Law makers recently marked the day in history celebrating women's suffrage.

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This past Saturday, thousands of women took their tops off and rallied for a great cause, women's equality. Ladies exposed themselves for the cause in both New York City and right here in the Hudson Valley. Maybe you saw the peaceful protest in Kingston.

I'm not sure how I missed this.I was in driving distance of two cities full of topless women on Saturday and I chose to see two sweaty men box and wrestle in a ring instead. Men, we've got to pay more attention and I hope this post spreads awareness to the recently added day to the calendar.

We've come a long way but are things really equal? Between cases of sexual harassment, household items being more expensive for women and the wage gap between the two genders it's hard to say that women's rights are done evolving.

If you'd like to join the cause you can check out the Boob Map to see where and when marches are being held.