How will you celebrate Halloween this year? Dressing up the kids and going out for a couple of hours on a Monday evening? Or, maybe you’d rather be part of a huge 4 day celebration happening in one of the most famous and popular towns in Dutchess County? I’ll take that 4 day celebration, please. Where is this awesome town with the massive Halloween party? In everybody’s favorite town, Rhinebeck.

I don’t have to tell you how awesome Rhinebeck is with its small, local shops and 4 star restaurants. But Rhinebeck is also cool because it’s got a great sense of community. Throughout the year you will find celebrations in Rhinebeck for the various holidays, and people from all over the Hudson Valley and beyond come out to take part. You should see how crowded and fun Rhinebeck’s yearly Sinterklaas festival is.

So, what exactly is happening this weekend in Rhinebeck for Halloween? 

On Friday, Oct. 28, Saturday, Oct. 29, and Sunday, Oct. 30, you and the kids can check out the Haunted House on Montgomery Row from 5PM - 7PM, and on Saturday from 4PM - 8PM there will be special tarot card readings at the Haunted House. On Sunday, Oct. 30 from 10AM - 2PM there will be treats for the kiddos at the Rhinebeck Farmers Market, and then at 2PM, it’s the 36th Annual Rhinebeck Halloween Parade. On Halloween, at 3:30PM, it’s Samuel’s Spooktacular at Samuel’s Sweet Shop on East Market Street, and hot dogs and hamburgers at the Rhinebeck Fire Department.

Rhinebeck is a favorite Hudson Valley town just about any day of the week, but when they throw a celebration, they go all out. There are lots of places to enjoy Halloween this year, but if you’re looking for a massive 4 day celebration, head to Rhinebeck.

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