Move over Planet Fitness. There's a new "judgement fee zone" in town. It's called the New York Renaissance Faire. If you want to go back in time for an entire fun packed weekend then Tuxedo Park is the place to be.

It's not just a weekend out, it's an escape to a totally different reality. A much more fun reality with no judgement. At the New York Renaissance Faire people are free to dress up, talk and do just about anything they want. Anything legal of course! Law and order still reigns supreme.


This was my first time at the Renaissance Faire and I had a blast. You can see my quest through Tuxedo Park and all of it's awkward glory.

You can purchase tickets and see the full faire schedule (which runs every weekend until October 1st) here.

You can try to win some tickets to all of the fantasy fun by submitting your costume to us. You get more details here.