I'm not hard to shop for, I'm just very specific about what I want. Take my folks and I for example. To be totally honest, we don't have too many surprises. We are very upfront with each other about what we want, and we work together to get it.

Both of my parents needed new laptops, and I wanted to take advantage of Black Friday deals, so I went researching online and in person for them. I know and they know that they don't understand all the tech jargon, so I can translate it for them, and tell them what works best for them based on their needs. I didn't make it a secret that I was looking to buy them these laptops, they were cued in on the process the entire time. That way, everyone was happy when I made the final purchase.

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It can be frustrating to get something when it's not exactly what you needed. Yeah, the thought is nice and all, but if you give a gift that doesn't meet a need or desire of the person you are giving it to, more than likely it is ending up in a box in the attic or its being regifted.

Surprises are great when they are executed the best, but by the time you get to adulthood, I feel we are all so specific about what we want. Just talk to your loved one! Don't guess, have them included in the process, and they will be grateful you put in all the work to do all that for them.

Not only do we get specific, we the stuff we'd appreciate are less glamorous. Gas, groceries, a meal out, things like that go a long way! There is beauty in the mundane, and if you can help someone get by on the basics, I'm sure they would love it greatly.

I made a list of things that I know that most Hudson Valley residents would appreciate. Some ideas are very specific to our region, while a several ideas are just nice to do for someone regardless of where they are. So don't feel lost this holiday season. Get your perfect gift idea below!

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