I stopped into my local McDonald's today and ordered the new limited edition Adult Happy Meal and badabababa I'm loving it even though I don't really understand it.

Did you eat Happy Meals when you were a kid? One of America's favorite fast food restaurants is giving us a serving of nostalgia with a new menu item and of course it comes with a toy but I have no idea what it is.

Do remember how awesome Happy Meals were? Yes, the food is tasty but when you were a kid it wasn't only about the food. It was almost always about the toy that came with the meal.


Adult Happy Meals come with a toy but the when I reached out to all of the local restaurants no one could tell me about the toy. I had to find out what the secret. It turns out maybe no one knows how to explain the toys.

I got two of the meals and I got a creepy four eyed Grimace figure.


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