The third Pokemon Go Community Day takes place on Sunday, March 25, and this time it'll feature one of the original three starter Pokémon from Red and Blue.

Organizer Chelsea Carole of Hyde Park, NY chose Dutchess Community College for this event since it had the most in game activity for Pokémon Go players. The first event at DCC had over 40 players attend.

"I think it’s absolutely incredible that so many people got together to play this game. People of all ages were there. Laughing, smiling, cheering, and having a great time. The rain didn’t stop us from being outside for hours." said Chelsea.

When asked why she decided to organize these community days, Chelsea said, "I want to try to get as many people together to enjoy each other’s company. To play the game and have fun together"

Like the previous two Community Days, this event is scheduled to run for three hours, beginning at 2:00pm and ending at 5:00pm. As before, players will be able to obtain a rare Pokémon that knows a special move it cannot typically learn during the event hours. This month the featured Pokémon will be the Grass-type starter Bulbasaur! During the three hour period if you evolve your Ivysaur into Venusaur, your Venusaur will know the exclusive move Frenzy Plant!

On top of increased Bulbasaur spawns, players will earn triple XP for catching Pokémon during the event hours. Lure modules will also last for three hours. Prizes will be award upon conclusion of the in game event. More information can be found on their Facebook event page by clicking here.