I'm on the radio and I had the nerve to ask one of the most epic voices in the entertainment industry to rate my voice and his response absolutely stunned me.

I was trying so hard to not be a freak when I met the star of two of my favorite television shows. The '90s had some great sitcoms and both Cheers and Frasier were right there at the top.

Kelsey Grammer made an appearance at Barton Orchards in Poughquag, New York today. Guests were invited to come and try his beer brand, Faith American while he poured, chatted and helped raise donations for the orchard that recently experienced a disastrous fire.

Grammer hosted a great event and helped a business in our community in their time of need. I'm glad that I can officially call myself a Kelsey Grammer fan as I have been a fan of Frasier for quite some time. The show is funny, intelligent, and it really captures a lot of humor surrounding the radio industry. Yes, Dr. Crane was a radio show host on the show. In many ways, I can relate to the character since I am on the radio myself. I know Kesley isn't really a radio personality but he does have an epic voice that has been used in cartoons, commercials and even to narrate documentaries. I asked him what he thought of my radio voice and he gave me the most Frasier answer ever.

I need some help. What was that first word he used? I really have no idea. I hope it really is positive. Maybe I will ask him again the next time he is in town.

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