Relationships are give and take. Although it's supposed to be 50/50 two way street. sometimes there are relationships where one person calls the shots.

Yesterday we talked about a weird situation where a friend of mine was getting ready to move in with his Fiance'. They've been together for two years and as they finally were wrapping up the paper work on their new house, and getting packed she fired some serious shots.

She said "Baby, I know you like to hunt and you want to protect yourself but I don't think I can live in a house with guns'.

To be fair, she has a young son and doesn't feel comfortable. That's totally okay. The problem here is that she waited until the week of moving in to bring this up. Is this okay or is this a low blow?

We received a lot of feedback. Unfortunately the most common was "ditch her".

Here's what you had to say:

"She knew he had the guns but didn't say anything until they were about to move in together? That's just stupidity. I'm not a fan of having 100 guns in the house either but at least look ahead, dumba**".


"Living in a house with a couple guns is different than living at a gun range, which she appears to think it is. Guns don't go off by themselves, they are tools. It shouldn't be about living with the guns, it should be about understanding why the man has them to begin with".


"Compromise - put in a sturdy gun safe and suggest she meet you halfway and attend gun safety and target shooting".


"She's gotta go!'

Relationships are a tricky subject to begin with. It's even worse when you add something as touchy as gun control into the mix. What do you think?