Animal Crossing Emo

[Photos via: Twitter/@rays__helll, @poppunk_nerd, @Linghokkalom, @vapevocalist][/caption]If you're like me, you're strictly playing Animal Crossing during quarantine.

I've been an Animal Crossing addict since the days of the Nintendo DS. I'm pretty OG. I had it for the Wii, the DS, and now I have convinced my boyfriend to get it on his Nintendo Switch and let me play all the time. But as I'm building my island, I realized something: I have no plan for it.

In my home, I've gotten up to the upstairs addition. I made the bottom floor back room the bedroom, the main bottom floor room will be a living area/music room. The first side room is a science room I made for my boyfriend. The second side room will be a kitchen area. The top floor is a trophy room showcasing our extra fossils and cool fish. I plan on making the basement a gym. Home: all set, no problem.

Island? That's another story. So far, I made a little fountain area with a ton of flowers. I also have a small park with a swinging bench and all the sports balls that villagers gave to me and a small fence. I also made a little campfire area with log stools around it. But besides that, I truly have 0 clue what to do with my island. Help! Please give me some inspiration for what I should do for my island.

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