It's been closed for a while. Do you think the koi fish are still alive? It could be the nicest house in the Hudson Valley. Wo wouldn't want this hidden gem?

House hunting in the Hudson Valley can be a real mess. I think I have been passing my dream home for months now on Rte 9 without even knowing it. OSHO used to be a Hibachi restaurant in Poughkeepsie. Its quality is debated by many. Whether you were crazy about the food or not is irrelevant at this point. It doesn't matter.

What does matter is that the old Osho building clearly has good bones. It's basically a stone castle. She's still standing perfectly after all of these years. Look at the beautiful landscaping? All the hard work of growing that brush has already been done. It's a landscaper's dream!


The building even has bars already over the windows. That's an awesome security feature that comes free. Don't forget that this is Poughkeepsie.

There's plenty of land, too. There's room for a moat. Every castle needs to have a moat.

I'll start saving my money for my hibachi dream home. Catch me on Cribs. Is Cribs still a thing?

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