Deer living in close proximity to humans is just a way of life for many New Yorkers. It's not uncommon to see a family of deer crossing the road right in front of you as you're driving. They'll even gather in your front yard to pick berries off the trees, or just chill for the sake of chilling.

They're just everywhere.

However, having so many deer around so many people can be risky....and costly. says that 1 in 164 New Yorkers will hit a deer with their vehicle at some point.

AAA says that September through November are the months when most deer-related car accidents occur in New York state, WROC reports. The National Insurance Crime Bureau recently went through their accident claim data from 2017, according to WROC, and have released the top upstate New York towns where most deer-related car accidents happen.

Several Hudson Valley towns made the list.

  • 1. Rochester
  • 2. Middletown
  • 3. Ithaca
  • 4. Syracuse
  • 5. Watertown
  • 6. Newburgh
  • 7. Warwick
  • 8. Canandaigua
  • 9. Monroe
  • 10. Buffalo

See complete Top 50 list HERE. Check out this video from December 2015 to see how dangerous deer near roads can be.