New York State made waves earlier this year by announcing that many of its students will be eligible for free college from SUNY schools. Now, it seems like that might come at a slight cost to those who aren't eligible. 

This week, the SUNY board members voted to increase tuition by $200 on students who aren't able to get free tuition. To get free tuition at SUNY schools, a student's household has to make less than $100,000 a year. So students whose households make above that can't get free tuition, and will now have to pay an additional $200 on top of that.

Understandably, this has been a pretty controversial move. Some say SUNY needs to be more aware of how expensive college already has become, others say the rising expenses of running a college require a tuition increase.

The increase in tuition will bring SUNY an extra $18 million a year, and while $200 may not seem like a lot, it does add up. Especially if SUNY continues to raise tuition over the next few years, like they've done a few times in years past.

So what do you think? If you're in college, does the increase concern you? If you're a parent of a student, do you think it's a good idea or a bad idea?