Are you superstitious at all? If you think that a large rodent can determine the severity or length of winter then let's face it, you're a little bit stitious.

February 2 has always marked two important events for me. It's both Groundhog Day and my late grandmother's birthday. She was born and raised in Pennsylvania so Groundhog Day was a pretty big deal in her household. Now that she's gone it's time to vent. I never understood it and I also think it's pretty downright idiotic.

They dress this giant rat in a tuxedo and yank him out of his hole early in the morning to see if he sees his shadow. On top of all of that they named him Phil. They say the groundhogs are angry. I wonder why?

Is Groundhog Day a superstition that we all just seem to accept? There are some socially accepted ones we see like knocking on wood but they're few and far between. Mostly, superstitions are believed to be a bunch of nonsense.

Let's face it. If you avoided cracks because you feared that if you stepped on one you'd break your mother's back or if you'd probably get funny looks.

So why do we encourage this holiday? It's just as ridiculous.

The only thing good to come from the holiday is the Bill Murray movie and even that's just making fun of the whole concept.

Is it me or does it seem like people who say they aren't superstitious still anxiously wait every year to to see if the groundhog sees his shadow.

Maybe I don't get it. Change my mind.

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