While we try to navigate this ongoing, and ever changing situation, many are trying to find creative ways to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise while still practicing safe social distancing.

In a post via the Village of New Paltz facebook page, it has been announced that the Hasbrouck Park Playground, located in the village, is closed until further notice, and the park is not open for regular play or congregating.

Individuals may and should take walks outside but they should not play in the playground or gather in close proximity to each other in the park.

Wherever you are, we remind residents that it is very important to always practice proper social distancing. This means: six feet distance between people at all times, no touching of people or things, and when that can absolutely not be avoided, washing and disinfecting hands before and after touching anyone or anything.

Earlier this week Governor Cuomo announced that fees for state parks would be waived so that people are able to get out and get some fresh air while still practicing safe social distancing.  Click here for a list of local parks to take advantage of for free.