Candy corn has been around forever but does anybody really like it? Weigh in and lets settle this

Maybe it hasn't been around forever but candy corn has been around for a long time. The tri-colored candy has been around since the late 1800's. Does anyone actually enjoy eating Candy corn? I have a theory that the majority of us only buy it to be festive and put it in a candy dish to show off your Halloween spirit.


We have a candy dish in our offices and almost every piece is picked from the bowl except the Candy corn.

I can understand how the sugary treat might have been extremely tasty back in the 1890's. I bet was still quite a delight up until the mid 1900's. How was Candy corn lasted this long? Do they even sell it all year or is it only available for Halloween.

Candy corn is a fall favorite but is it anyone's actual favorite?