It might be a little cold to go for a swim these days, but we've all had that one friend who decides to go swimming in the Hudson River. The question is, is it safe? A new report compiled by Riverkeeper says that yes, on most days it is safe to swim in the Hudson. Although there are some trouble spots, especially after a big rain storm.

A graphic on the front page of the report lays it all out. If the Hudson Valley were to invest and make the needed changes to water run off infrastructure and water treatment plants, it would cost a cool $4.8 billion. But who has that kind of money laying around?

Water samples were collected over an eight year period from 2008-2016. Trouble zones in the lower Hudson Valley included the Newburgh boat launch area by the old Gully's and near the Rondout Creek in Kingston.

So the results of this report show that, pending certain weather conditions, it is safe to swim in much of the river. But always be careful if there's been a big storm recently.

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