Governor Andrew Cuomo's legacy has been tarnished. Should he even have a legacy at all?

There's no doubt that the coronavirus hit New York State especially hard. How exactly does one lead during a global pandemic in what some considered the country's epicenter? There's no playbook and it initially seemed like Governor Andrew Cuomo was doing a great job leading our confused and scared state.

Around this time last year, Governor Cuomo's press conferences were seen on television and online almost every single day. Many were criticizing his executive decisions while many others were hailing him a hero.

According to the New York Times, He even signed a $5 million book deal highlighting his leadership skills during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cuomo's live conferences even received critical acclaim. He was awarded an International Emmy last November.

Things started to take a turn for the Governor a month after the Emmy win when allegations of his conduct started to be taken more seriously.

Yesterday, New York's Attorney General dropped a pretty big bombshell. Following an investigation, it was determined by investigators that he did harass several women even though he denies behaving inappropriately.

All of this new information has raised some new questions.

In light of what the  Attorney General has discovered should we take away Cuomo's International Emmy Award?

Should the book deal profits go towards restitution to the victims?

Also, should structures with the Cuomo name be reexamined? Should Mario M. Cuomo bridge be renamed as many have already suggested?

Are Andrew Cuomo's actions bad enough to erase the family name from the entire state? What do you think?


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