You may have started to hear the words "Self-Partnered" recently. The word was used by actress Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) in a recent issue of British Vogue magazine. What does this phrase mean?

According to a few places online (yes, one of them was UrbanDictionary) the phrase Self-Partnered, means that 'you are content being by yourself and you are not looking to be in a relationship at this time, that you are doing okay by yourself.

Does this mean that you never want to get married or to be in a romantic relationship? No, it just means that you are totally cool with who you are as a person and that you don't feel that you need a second person in your life to be complete.

Emma Watson's Harry Potter co-star, Tom Felton (Drako Malfoy) recently was quoted in USA Today that he supports Emma and that he too considers him "Self-Partnered."

Does this change the way you look at the term 'Single?' Does sharing with people who ask your status that you are 'Self-Partnered' remove the stigma of being single, especially around the holidays? Will your mom stop busting your chops around the holiday table because you are not single, you are Self-Partnered? Weigh in on if the phrasing makes a difference to you or not.

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