Does anyone have a traditional work schedule anymore? If not, just how much are we really working?

In 2017, this is a legitimate question. What is your work schedule like? Is the traditional work schedule dead or is it alive and well?

Clint Spencer

Sadly, in today's working world, a salaried employee does not work 9am to 5pm. The average salaried employee doesn't even work eight hours a day. According to Agile Lifestyle, the myth of the eight hour work day is long dead and now salaried employees put on around 11-12 hours a day. After all, we are at the mercy of our employers. Keep in mind you should also factor an hour to get ready and then a half hour commute.

According to Forbe's millennials are also the reason that the eight hour work day is disappearing but they are actually trying to make the work day even shorter. Research shows that most millennials will of them trade work flexibility for less pay.

How many hours do you work per day? Is it between 9 and 12? Just for fun I'd like you to add your commute time as well.