Think that schools go out of their way to win the "Best Party School" moniker? One local Hudson Valley college was voted a few years ago as a different type of party school.

Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, was named Best Dinner Party School a few years ago by the newsite "The Onion." Have they been able to retain that status? The Onion was not the only publication to mention the dinner party life at the Hudson Valley college.

The Princeton Review(PR) pdf also commented on the dinner parties when they share information about Bard. Here is some info from PR about those parties:

Sometimes “there is a lack of organized things to do on-campus which inspires creativity on the part of students.” Students here love to plan events, and these are not limited to the famous Bard dinner parties; on any given weekend there is “a plethora of student theater productions, garage band shows, dances, dinner parties, dorm activities, club meetings, magazine release parties, cozy gatherings, off-campus ragers, [and] more dinner parties.”

Do you attend dinner parties often? Do you think that dinner parties are a great way to get to know people? Or just an excuse to eat lots of food?