Of all the of beautiful items people put on Christmas trees there some that are just creepy and kind of an eye sore. Does this count?

The holidays are filled with strange traditions. I'm almost 30 years old and my mother still wants me to come home and put ornaments on the tree. Every year we need to put fake birds on the tree. Apparently, it supposed to reflect happiness and joy. Of course like most families we have our glass balls that my brother and I made 20 years in elementary school make an appearance.

What are your weird traditions. Do you put weird things on your Christmas Tree?

One Hudson Valley person has a strange tradition where thy put this creepy looking snow man on the tree every year despite her husbands distaste for it.

Maureen Cardinale
Maureen Cardinale

Is the is the creepiest ornament ever or do you have one a little more sinister? If you do, show us.