What is this thing and is it even a legal turn?

Have you ever tried to make this weird turn? It turns out that Clinton Corners, New York actually has a pretty bizarre corner.

How much have you really explored the Hudson Valley? There are some lovely little towns in Dutchess County that are hidden gems. Clinton Corners is a nice little hamlet in the northern part of Dutchess County.

I've heard of it before but I have never really been there until this past weekend. I'm not really sure why I have never gone there. I used to live in Millbrook which was the neighboring town and the next exit off the Taconic going North.

I guess there's not much that would bring you to Clinton Corners other than a beautiful scenic drive of the Hudson Valley. I recently visited the town because a friend of mine moved there.

While I was driving in the little town for the first time I couldn't help but noticed this bizarre turn that seemed so illegal.

Do you know the one I'm talking about?

There's an extremely sharp intersection where Salt Point Turnpike meets Clinton Corners Road. A strange marker divides the intersection. The two roads are also separated by Harker House Wine & Spirits.

What looks like it could be the parking lot for the store is being used as a turn to avoid the sharp angled turn on the two main roads.

There's no stop son through this short cut and people seem to just blow through it. I'm assuming it's not official as it's not on the map. If it were it may be the shortest street in the country.


Is it really an intersection where you're allowed to cut through or are we just making our own rules?


Have you ever made this turn before?

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