Wonder Woman came out over the weekend and Nick is calling Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot's skills into question.

If you saw Wonder Woman over the weekend like the rest of world you probably thought it was amazing. Well, it was for the most part but I do have some questions.

How the hell did she block all of those bullets? Where can I find the island with all those wonder women? Where was her invisible plane? Most importantly, how did she make a lasso look so bad a$* in 2017? The fact that it was glowing kind of helped. Oh, and she didn't call it the "Lasso of Truth" which was a good thing because I always thought that was a pretty lame name.

After seeing Wonder Woman wield that lasso for nearly two hours I thought to myself "How hard could it be"? I decided to put my own skills to work.

Maybe I could have been a cowboy.