I'm not the best cook but if homemade wine can come from these things I may have to buy one.

It seems like everyone is buying an crock pot or an Instant Pot these days. Everyone is all about making cooking a little bit easier. From what it looks, you can make virtually anything in one of these Instant Pots.

Now, a man in New Jersey is getting attention for making his own wine in an Instant Pot.

According to Food Service, it's actually not that hard to make wine out of one of these things. Apparently all you need is wine yeast, Welch's grape juice and sugar. He was able to make it in about 48 hours on the lowest stetting. I had no clue that it was that easy. Follow the steps

Who will be starting their own winery? 'll be bottling my own very shortly. I won't be selling it. Just drinking my own product.