Did you know that today is International Cat Day? I sure hope you did and take care of your furry feline friends.

I'm kind of the resident cat guy in the building but even I've got to be honest, I had no clue that it was International Cat Day.

I am not entirely sure if this is real holiday or if it was created by Twitter but either way we should honor our feline companions today.

I've got two cats myself, Patty and Boo Boo. There's a bit of a negative stigma for men who have cats but they are chick magnets. Ladies love them. Sometimes, i think they love them more than me.

How can you celebrate today? You can buy some fresh pate'. Make sure that it's Fancy Feast of course. You could buy them a new toy or maybe spend a little extra time with thee little laser. If none of those seems fun or if you don't have a cat you could always watch a Garfield marathon. The show, not the terrible movies.