For most people in America, one of the key signs of financial maturity and achievement is purchasing a home. Many consider owning property to be a key part of the American Dream.

The people of Buffalo and Western New York are not exempt from those desires, and, believe it or not, it is more likely to achieve the American Dream here in the 716 as opposed to many other places in the United States.

Even though Buffalo and WNY have seen a tremendous boom in our housing market, Buffalo remains one of the most affordable places to buy a home in the entire country. While it's a little more complicated than it used to be, Western New York is still a great place to put down routes as a homeowner.

So, for those looking to become first-time homebuyers, that often means you must be in the market for a starter home. But what is a starter home, and where do you find them?

What Is A Starter Home?

According to the National Association of REALTORS, the average American homeowner will own four houses in their lifetime and stay in each of those homes for an average of 13 years. The average length of housing tenure, the time a person stays in their house before they sell it, in Buffalo is a little longer at 16 years.

But, before someone can own four houses, they have to start with their first house, which is often a starter home:

A starter home is a home that would need a little more TLC, renovations, and improvements. I consider it a stepping stone into home ownership due to lower price points compared to bigger or more luxury homes. The average price for starter home is between $150,000 to $175,000 in Western New York.
-Tamika Collins-Murphy, Associate Broker & Partner at MMB Realty Group

For many, the starter home is where it all starts: building wealth and learning how to be a successful homeowner. Those lessons help you to prepare for your forever home.

Check Out These 3 Houses That Can Be Considered Starter Homes

Even though we have historically low housing inventory, if you look around websites like Zillow or Trulia, you will see tons of houses for sale.

Many of those houses fall into the starter home category. Check out a few options below:

3 Starter Homes You Can Buy Right Now In Western New York

If you're looking to move from renting to owning, then here are a few options for you to check out. 

Gallery Credit: Ed Nice

These Non-Profit Agencies Can Help You Get Started On The Journey To Buy a House

If you think you're in the market to buy a house, several non-profit agencies in Western New York will help you for free. Many of these organizations also have financial assistance like grants to help you if you're a little short on funds.

You can find out more information about first-time homebuyer programs here.

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Is This The Most Expensive House For Rent In WNY?

The house located at 221 Bowen Rd., East Aurora, NY, was once one of the most expensive houses for sale in the 716. Still, after it was on the market for nearly 18 months without selling, it looks like the owners have decided to make the house available for rent - at $10,000 per month.

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