Oh, thank Heaven! The popular area 7-Eleven store had changed their hours back in 2022.

We covered the story about one of the last remaining 7-Eleven stores in the Hudson Valley cutting back their hours back in November of 2022. The long standing store had been 24 hours forever, but due to a staffing shortage, they decided they would not be open 24 hours anymore. See the story here.

It was a big disappointment seeing that the 7-Eleven that I would frequent often was no longer open all night. It was convenient to have the place so close to home available to me whenever needed.

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7-Eleven operates, franchises, and licenses over 78,029 in 19 countries and territories. Founded in 1927 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the retail convenience store chain operates under its namesake brand globally. Within the United States it operates under 7-Eleven nationally. It also operates as Speedway nationally, but mostly in the Midwest and East Coast. It operates as Stripes Convenience Stores within the South Central United States. Both Speedway and Stripes operate alongside 7-Eleven's namesake stores in several markets.

7-Eleven Hooker Ave, Poughkeepsie

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We stopped in at the 7-Eleven in question recently, located at 266 Hooker Ave , in Poughkeepsie and found out that they are once again 24 hours. They reportedly found a new overnight guy to work after over a year and a half, and the 7-Eleven is back to being 24 hours, as it should be!

The 7-Eleven on Hooker Ave. is really the only well-stocked 24 hr convenience store in the area, in addition to being one of the only three remaining 7-Eleven stores in the Hudson Valley (along with locations on Route 17K in Newburgh and Route 17M in Monroe.

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In 2022, 7-Eleven acquired 3,800 Speedway locations in 38 states with a plan to expand even further. The Speedway stores are in the process of being turned into 7-Eleven stores, so at some point, the Hudson Valley will be flooded with 7-Eleven stores, kinda just like the old days. For a guy that is a big fan of nostalgia, I'm on board with this!  Can't wait to start seeing more 7-Eleven stores popping up all over the valley.

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