That's right! Yet another article touting the culinary excellence that's taking over the Hudson Valley.

It's no secret that the Hudson Valley is brimming with delicious places to grab a bite. There are so many great options these days that it gets hard to choose. So, we thought why not just ask Hudson Valley locals for their recommendations?

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We wanted to cut to the chase though and figure out where people have had their favorite dish ever in the Hudson Valley. You know the kind of dish we're talking about - that one meal you dream about going back and ordering again. The one you tell all of your friends about.

The Hudson Valley's Favorite Locally-Made Meals

We had 120 Hudson Valley residents share some of their absolute favorite meals around the Hudson Valley.


Some shared meals made at restaurants that are sadly no longer around:

Years ago there was a small restaurant in Hyde Park TWIST...I had a scallop dish on a bed of garlic mashed potatoes with sweet petite peas and lobster was the single best dish I've ever had at any restaurant

- Kelly C.

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Some lamented about restaurants that are still open but no longer serve their favorite dish:

The huevos rancheros at Cafe Mio which they don't make anymore

- MaryAnn T.

There are also some popular places where multiple people shout out, sharing a variety of dishes from a single restaurant that they dream about. Some of those popular restaurants are listed below. Check out it out below for some inspiration for your next meal out:

Hudson Valley Locals Recommend These Restaurants

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