What did this person see in the night sky recenlty in West Haverstraw?

Many of the strange and unusual things we encounter have simple explanations. However, that doesn't always dissuade everyone across New York state from believing what they saw some sort of flying object from another world.

Other Sightings Across New York State

A rather dramatic example of this sort of unexplained phenomena happened in upstate New York late last summer.. According to the report filed to the National UFO Reporting Center, an unexplained orb-shaped object "appeared out of nowhere", then, "stopped for one second, then took off."

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The event was said to have happened early morning September 9, in Henderson, NY. The report goes on to say this phenomena  was "bright and large", and even "turned night to day".

Were Lights Over the Hudson Valley Military Craft, Or Something Else?

The night of October 23, a resident in West Haverstraw filmed what they said were "several lights hovering in a line over a mountain. Waiting for a stray light to catch up."

Report and Videos


In the report filed to the National Unidentified Flying Object Research Center, the person said they were "taking moon shots" and "noticed aligned lights over a nearby mountain. The lights became idle waiting for a stray light that appeared to be at the base of the mountain which ascended up to the group, then one by one they disappeared into the sky."

So, What Is It? 

One might think a string of lights traveling in a straight line could be SpaceX Starlink satellites? However, these objects are way too low on the horizon, and seem to be rising from the mountain to the west rather than trvaeling far above the Earth's orbit.


A possible explanation could be someone flying drones, though it would be rather unusual to fly so many at the same time? Plus, the fact that the objects seemed to just disappear into thin air might strike the drone explanation.

Another very plausible explanation is some sort of military craft, given the close proximity of Stewart Air National Guard? Still, what sort plane takes off in this manner and slowly hovers? Alos, if it were helicopters wouldn't you hear some sort of engine running in the distance?

Or, is simply it something we can not explain? 

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