A big name in sports entertainment was spotted over the weekend grabbing a bite to eat at a Newburgh, New York restaurant.

There have been numerous celebrity sightings across the Hudson Valley over the years and now that the area has become a favorite place to film for filmmakers celebrity sightings have become more frequent. Kate McKinnon, Paul Rudd, Ben Stiller, and Carlos Santana have all been spotted at various locations across the Hudson Valley over the years. Have you ever run into a celebrity in the area?

WWE Jay Uso
Jennifer Mackey

I will be the first to say that almost every time I see a picture of a celebrity sighting I often find myself saying I wouldn't have even recognized them if someone didn't tell me who they were...LOL!! That was NOT the case when I came across this picture of a sports entertainment celebrity who was recently spotted in Orange County, New York.

Jay Uso
Jennifer Mackey

WWE Star Spotted at Denny's in Newburgh, New York

If you aren't a fan of wrestling you might not know exactly who the man pictured above is so let me introduce you to, WWE superstar "Main Event" Jay Uso!! YEET!!! Uso was spotted over the weekend grabbing a meal at the Denny's restaurant in Newburgh, New York and thanks to a fan who was at the restaurant we were lucky enough to get a picture of Jay doing the most normal thing a person can do after a long night!! Eat at Denny's!!!

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It's unclear what Jay ordered, (I'm guessing a Grand Slam breakfast...LOL) or who else was with him as the fan told us they didn't want to bother him while he was eating! We do know that he was in the area after the WWE did a live event in Albany, NY on Friday and was also in Westchester, NY on Saturday.

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