Police are investigating numerous reports of vandalism and theft in the uptown section of Kingston, NY.

The City of Kingston Police have announced that they are actively investigating reports of vandalism over the last few weeks at two locations not too far from each other in the uptown district of the city.

Kingston Crimes
City of Kingston Police Department/Facebook/TSM

Kingston's Fireman's Park Damaged

The first report states that back around the first week of May the City of Kingston Police Department (KPD) was made aware of damages sustained at the Fireman's Park on Hurley and Washington Avenues as well as damage to nearby buildings. Police didn't specify the damages at the park but did say that this could be connected to damages and theft that also happened at a nearby construction site.

City of Kingston/Facebook
City of Kingston/Facebook

Theft & Vandalism at Dietz Stadium Construction Site

A few weeks later another act of theft and vandalism happened at the nearby Dietz Stadium construction site at 170 N Front St, Kingston, NY according to the KPD Facebook page. The post stated that sometime on May 21st after employees at the site closed up for the day several subjects entered the site and vandalized both area buildings and various pieces of construction equipment.

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Police didn't say what type of vandalism occurred but did say that the vandals did steal numerous tools and pieces of equipment from the site.

Police Asking for Help

Police are asking for the communities help in locating who might be responsible for the acts of theft and vandalism. If you have any information about the acts mentioned above please contact the City of Kingston Police Department at 845-331-1671 or email Detectives@Kingston-ny.gov.

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