The second-winningest contestant in Jeopardy! history has been offered a job in the Hudson Valley.

The Renegades offered Jeopardy! champion James Holzhauer a position with the front office.

"The Renegades have extended James Holzhauer the opportunity to live out his lifelong dream of working in professional baseball, to sign a one-day contract to be the team's General Manager," the team wrote on its website.

Holzhauer has won over $2.4 million on Jeopardy! He's in second place for the most game winnings on Jeopardy! to Ken Jennings, who won over $2.5 million in 74 wins.

"The Renegades feel bringing Holzhauer on board will be a great asset for front office operations based on his mathematically-gifted mind. He will be able to exploit current weaknesses, and have the courage to take a risk with new tactics to ensure long-term success for the club," the team wrote.

While the contract for General Manager is only a one-day position, the team says there is a possibility of future employment adding having a Jeopardy! champion at Dutchess Stadium for Thursday trivia would be a great experience for the Renegade's fans.

The team is still waiting on a response from Holzhauer.