One of the most popular waterfalls and hiking destinations for Hudson Valley residents and Catskill natives is Kaaterskill Falls. While it has absolutely stunning views, it also happens to be extremely dangerous.

Over the past few years we've reported on several deaths that have taken place at the Catskill hiking spot.

Kaaterskill, which is located near Hunter Mountain, has made several headlines and has gotten the attention of major publications like The New York Times and The Gothamist.

The New York Times headline reads "The Deadly Waterfall in the Instagram Age" and reports that "The last four people who died at Kaaterskill Falls in the Catskills were taking or posing for pictures, according to a New York forest ranger. Now the state is taking steps to make the site safer."

According to the New York Times that over the past four year the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has  implemented new safety features. $1.25 million has been spent on making Kaaterskill safer by adding a viewing platform, new fencing, warning signs, hand railings and a 200 stone staircase connection the top and bottom of the falls.

State Forest Ranger Rob Dawson blames social media for the increase of accidents and deaths at Kaaterskill saying "Just talking to people who come up here, they say, ‘Yeah, we saw this on the internet — we’re trying to find it. The unfortunate thing is, with those pictures, there’s nothing informing people that you could get seriously hurt here, too.”