Congratulations! By watching this video you just took the first step into a better game experience and a leg up on everyone else who ignores alchemy. Crafting your own healing potions and game saves will pay off dividends the more you progress through KCD.

I'm really pushing to get the internet to refer to this game as KCD to save all of us some time, so try it in a sentence next time. See how it feels, feels good right? Anyway, you need to understand the basics of alchemy before you can start crafting the almighty potions that will heal you and save you the hassle of always finding a bed and wasting a few hours just to save your game.

In this video I craft the sleep potion required for an early game mission. The game explains it but I didn't see any tutorials on it so I thought I share with you how I made a potion and you should be able to figure it out.

Any questions or did I not explain enough, no worries. This is the internet, just leave a comment below and I'll answer it because what else am I gonna do besides play KCD!