I feel like I missed out on something amazingly delicious. This weekend, Pie for the People in Kingston served their last slice.

attachment-Pie for the People Kingston NY via facebook 11-27-21

I had never heard of this unique pizza place in Kingston until I saw the notice they put on Facebook this past Saturday afternoon that they were closing for good, immediately.

We are saddened to announce the immediate and permanent closure of Pie For The People in Kingston. We want to thank all our customers, their support and for all the love we received throughout the years. We also want to thank our staff for an amazing job and helping us get as far as we did through these crazy times. We wish everyone good health and good fortune in the future. Thanks again, it was a hell of a ride!


With over 62 comments and 67 shares on their post-to-date, it is clear that even though I had never heard of this place for pizza, many people in Kingston had, and it was clearly their favorite. All of the comments share the same sentiment. They are sorry to hear about the closure and don't know where they will go for pizza.

This wasn't the type of place that just offered your run-of-the-mill type pizzas. No, Pie for the People had definitely gone outside the traditional pizza lane with their types of pies and that is probably the reason so many folks are so bummed out. BBQ Chicken with Hot Honey, The David Bowie, which appears to include jalapenos and onions. They even have a pizza with Brussell sprouts on top. It's not as bad as it sounds.

So sad to think another Hudson Valley Restaurant has closed. Some of these dishes may never be seen again and I never even got to try them once, sorry Pie for the People Kingston  I was obviously late to the party.

Pie for the People Kingston New YOrk

Now that Pie for the People in Kingston NY has closed some of these customer favorites will just become part of Hudson Valley pizza history.