This is why we can't have nice things. While the Hudson Valley is still clamoring for a local Chick-fil-A to call their own, other New Yorkers are allegedly using the chicken chain to commit larceny.

Have no fear, New Yorkers are on the case. Whether it's to seek justice for the victim, the chicken sandwich chain, or simply to know the alleged thief will miss their Economics 101 class because they're being dragged down to the local police station has yet to be seen. What is clear, however, is that thousands of people want this young woman caught.

Alleged Larceny at New York Chick-fil-A

"New York State Police are seeking the public’s assistance identifying the blonde-haired female wearing the gray sweatshirt, regarding a stolen black purse that was hanging on a chair in Chick Fil A", read a recent post from the New York State Police (NYSP). All of a sudden, everyone was a detective.

NYS Police via Facebook
NYS Police via Facebook

Reported Theft in Plattsburgh, NY

"Send the picture to Penn State - I’m sure her photo is on file from her school ID", offered an amateur sleuth, making the connection between the woman's sweatshirt and her alleged alma mater. "Can’t they ID her buddy from the timing of the card transaction? She’s got it in her hand" (below), asked another armchair officer. One eagle-eye observer pointed out the one out of the ordinary from the photo.

NYS Police via Facebook
NYS Police via Facebook

Finally, a Clear Surveillance Photo

"Great surveillance photo", said a local optimist, referring to the near crystal-clear photos shared my police. The still images were a refreshing change from the usually blurry (and black and white) footage normally shown to the public. "They can capture galaxies light years away", the common joke goes, "but they can't get a clear image from a surveillance camera ten feet from someone's face".

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Anyone who recognizes the woman is asked to call the Plattsburgh, NY state police at (518)563-3761. Keep your own valuables out of would-be thief's hands by checking out the most stolen vehicles in New York state below, and keep scrolling to see which counties experience the most property crime in New York.

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