People looking to flee New York City for more open space are moving to the Hudson Valley at higher numbers than ever.

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The New York Times reports a "buying frenzy" as New York City residents are buying homes in Ulster, Sullivan, Greene and Delaware counties.

"It is unlike anything I have ever seen. I’ve been in five bidding wars in the last few weeks," Country House Realty in Sullivan County agent Robin Jones told the New York Times.

Real estate agents say many homes are getting tons of offers all above the listing price, with many offers coming from people who never set foot inside the home. Many home are also being purchased with cash, sight-unseen.

Jones says people are fleeing the city who have been working from home who are tired of playing city prices and want more open space.

Real estate agents say people are looking to buy homes quickly in the region in fear of a second wave of coronavirus.

A reader told Hudson Valley Post within 24 hours of posting his New Windsor home he had 10 showings and three offers. One of the offers was accepted and the home was off the market within days.

Other readers reported to Hudson Valley Post if you don't see a house within a few days of it being listed it's likely the home already has multiple offers and an offer has been accepted.

In May, Richard Stoll, a Kingston real estate agent, said he's been receiving many calls from people hoping to move out of New York City.

Jacob Knoll told the Wall Street Journal homes in New Paltz are also selling as soon as they hit the market.

“The whole game has changed,” Knoll said to the Wall Street Journal. “It’s just incredible how many [houses] have pending offers or are completely gone already. It’s nuts.”

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