Who cares if the end will be caused by zombies, crazy weather or the threat of weapons of mass destruction? The latest words added to Merriam-Webster is clear a sign that we are tine is probably up any way.

Every year Merriam-Webster releases the newest addition to the dictionary and each year they seem to get more and more pathetic.


I can't judge because I use these words but to they need to be formally in the dictionary? Does this mean they are usable in Scrabble? I'm sure there is a chart somewhere that correlates these words with the decline of our IQ's.

Here's a few of the winners that made the cut this year.

1.  Pregame: We all decided to pregame in the parking lot before the concert to save money on drinks.

2.  Froyo: I'm getting too fat. I should have ice cream. Maybe I'll try froyo instead.

3.  Sriracha: Did you see that fascinating documentary about Sriracha sauce?

4.  Front: You cried at the end of Forrest Gump. Don't front.

5.  Troll: I just posted a bathroom sefie with my shirt off and my friends are trying to troll me.