You can legally change your name and gender. Should you be able to change your age as well? Is this dumb or does he have a case here?
Recently, a man has gone viral for fighting the laws about changing his age. He'd like to change his age from 69 to 49. This does set a pretty odd standard. Will teens change their age to 21 in order to drink alcohol? Can I become 63 in order to get senior discounts? Is this acceptable? What do you think?
"No. That's stupid. All of it is. Your age is a form of measurement. We measure how much time you had on this Earth. How much your body has matured and age."
"Two plus two equals four it can't all the sudden equal fish just because somebody feels like it one day. I think gender changing is stupid."
"Saying babies don't have a gender is stupid. When you pop out of the womb you either have male or female genitalia. As you grow older if you feel more masculine or feminine that's a okay. You are either a man that feels more feminine or you were a woman that feels more masculine. We accept that."

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